Ray Shafazand

Entrepreneur & Cosultant in Hospitality 

Ray Shafazand

Ray Shafazand is a dedicated professional within the hospitality industry. Throughout his entire career, he has worked in various hotels, restaurants, and bars to improve operations and the functionality of the business. Ray has become an expert in training, managing, and implementing standardized processes for employees. Aside from his managerial experience, Ray also has a knowledge of finance, having successfully improved the profits for numerous businesses through his work. Some of his key skills include staff training and development, budgeting, and process improvement.

At the start of his career in hospitality, Ray Shafazand began working at Pacific Hotels & Resorts Inc. His role there was Director of Food and Beverage, where he learned skills for managing the food for hotels and corporate housing. He then began working in restaurants in California. He continued to take on leadership positions and became a General Manager for the Renzo Restaurant Group. Ray took on the role of owner and president of Renzo’s Bar and Grill in San Jose, California. Through his skilled management style and knowledge of finance, Ray was able to drive change and success for the five locations of this chain. In the first 30 months, Ray managed to identify inefficient processes to implement solutions that resulted in an increase in annual sales from $131,500 to $175 million. For the next ten years, Ray continued to lead successful changes and received four awards for increasing sales, customer service, and standard operating procedures.

Since his success with the Renzo Restaurant Group, Ray Shafazand decided to continue working and managing restaurants. He became the General Manager of the Bell Tower Bistro in Saratoga, California. Ray began implementing his strategies in his management of staff and profits and losses. The results of his work lead to the restaurant generating $1.5M annual revenues. He increased sales by 5%, growing revenues from $180K to $250K per month. Ray had developed the expertise and ability to identify and resolve issues in business operations that negatively impact success and growth.

Soon, Ray began working as a Hospitality Consultant to assist other businesses throughout the Silicon Valley area. With his extensive experience developing foodservice teams and operational procedures, Ray Shafazand achieves the highest standards in customer service for dining venues. He is known to manage food and labor costs and auditing procedures to meet with corporate objectives. Ray’s skills and recognition have allowed him to take on work as a consultant domestically and internationally, providing his services for various hotels, restaurants, bars, and nightclubs.

As a consultant, Ray trains and manages staff on proper food preparation and presentation with his knowledge as an OSHA trainer. He also helped train staff on standards of professional behavior with guests in the hospitality industry to help build repeat business and profitability of each restaurant. Ray Shafazand continues to work as an entrepreneur in the restaurant industry. He has managed and operated the Cuccini Restaurant & Lounge, Sabor Tapas Bar & Lounge and Myth Taverna & Lounge in San Jose, and Casbah in San Mateo, California.